Carpet Stretching & Repair 
Many homeowners start to notice within 3 to 7 years, their carpet shows ripples.  This is common because carpet installers do not put enough tension on the carpet during installation.  We can make your carpet look new again through proper carpet stretching techniques.  With our trained professionals and power stretching equipment, we can fix those ripples.  Once the carpet is stretched, we can offer cleaning services as well.

Carpet Seam Repair

When your carpet is installed it is pieced together from several pieces of carpet. Your installers will use seam tape to attach the carpet, making it appear like one large piece. For a variety of different reasons, these seams may become detached and might require a repair. 

How are Seams Repaired?

Repairing seams correctly requires experience. Anyone can attach one piece of carpet to another, but getting it to stick and getting it to look like one piece of carpet is not always easy. 

This is particularly true with carpets like Berber where the continuous loop can be a challenge.

To repair a seam, our experienced technician will first bring the two pieces of carpet together.  This may require the use of a carpet stretcher, depending on the area being seamed.  We then place seam tape under the carpet and equally space it between the two pieces.  A carpet seaming iron is then used to heat the glue.  When it reaches the right temperature, the carpet is brought together and pressed down into the tape.  Once allowed to cool, the seam is ready and the carpet can be put back to use. ​​ Remember we also do tile and grout cleaning services in Carlsbad and surrounding areas.

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California Carpet Cleaning & Repair


California Carpet Cleaning & Repair